System Requirements

The data size and computational demands of interactive A-tSNE require sufficiently modern hardware to ensure the desired responsiveness in Cytosplore Transcriptomics. We recommend the following:

Configurations with lesser specifications may work, but will result in longer wait times for data loading and computing. We have tested Cytosplore Transcriptomics on different configurations, including Windows 7 and Windows 10, intel Core i7 and intel Xeon CPUs as well as different Graphics Cards (nvidia GTX 980, GTX 1080, GTX Titan, AMD Radeon r9 M290, and AMD Radeon Pro 460). It is highly recommended to update the drivers of the graphics card to the latest versions prior to installing Cytosplore Transcriptomics. Remote operation of Cytosplore Transcriptomics through Remote Desktop is not supported.

If you have any problems just send us a mail, including your configuration.